Tom Lane wrote:
> "Pavel Stehule" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> a,b,c := out3fce(1); -- Simultaneous assignment
> I thought we rejected that idea once already, on the grounds that it
> would make it too hard to tell the difference between intended code
> and typos.

In any case, I had some questions:

. is it compatible with PLSQL?
. can the effect be achieved by assigning to a composite?

I looked into SQL2003, and SQL2003 knows it (SQL/PSM):

<assignment statement> ::=
   <singleton variable assignment>
 | <multiple variable assignment>
<multiple variable assignment> ::=
   SET <assignment target list> <equals operator> <assigned row>
<assignment target list> ::=
<left paren> <assignment target> [ { <comma> <assignment target> }... ] <right paren>
<singleton variable assignment> ::=
   SET <assignment target> <equals operator> <assignment source>

Pavel Stehule

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