Zdenek Kotala wrote:
Josh Berkus wrote:

However what happened? I think that following scenarios occurred.
Postmaster listen only in one process and there are many clients run
really parallel. T2000 server has 32 threads ( 8 core and each has 4
threads). These clients generate more TCP/IP request at one time, than
postmaster is able accepted.

I don't quite follow this ... are you saying that the regression test generate more than 128 connections? And that Solaris ships by default only allowing 128 connections?

Default is 128 for queue of TCP established socket, but not accepted. It is called backlog (see man listen). This values is possible change by ndd command. However problem is, that unix domain socket has different backlog limit. This limit is 32 waiting request for accept and this value is not possible setup. However, kernel patch 118855-15 increase this value up to 128 - see bugid 4352289. New version of solaris/opensolaris has bigger value - 4096.

Please, install latest solaris 10 patches on this machine and check if it helps.

Even at 32 this hardly seems to be a likely cause of the problem. I think the maximum parallelism of our tests is around 20. Anyway, lets's get the patch installed - I have a test regime set up that will reproduce the error moderately reliably within about a dozen or so tries.



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