Jim C. Nasby wrote:
4. Syntax must be as closer as plpgsql (declaration, assingment etc) rather than any syntax that we have to learn :-)
PostgreSQL support other languages than PL/pgSQL. We need universal syntax for plperl and others too

Why? Don't those other languages have support of their own for this?

If we try and make this completely cross-language I fear we'll end up
with something so watered down and obtuse that it'll be useless. I think
it makes much more sense to design something for plpgsql and only
commonize whatever it makes sense to.

plperl and pltcl at least have support for now for shared non-table session data. The trouble is that it is shared ONLY inside the interpreter. That means there is no sharing between, say, a plperl func and a pltcl func. Now it would make far more sense if session objects could be shared between interpreters, especially if they are namespace scoped. So I think you need to give a good reason for NOT sharing.



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