Tom Lane wrote:
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Bruce Momjian) writes:
> >     pgsql/src/pl/plperl/sql:
> >         plperl.sql (r1.7 -> r1.8)
> >         
> > (
> Shouldn't there be an 'expected' update to go with the test-file update?
> The few buildfarm members that aren't dying because of the GUC patch are
> failing on this one.  I'd commit a fixed expected file if I could get
> HEAD to work locally, but ...

OK, I have backed out both plperl patches and returned the email to the
patch queue.

(Strange both the guc and plperl patches didn't generate any warnings
here.  I don't think I can test plperl here but I know the guc was

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