Currently, psql does not show the command completion tag if it gets a
PGRES_TUPLES_OK result.  This means you won't see the tag for a command
with RETURNING, eg

regression=# insert into int8_tbl values(1,2),(3,4);
regression=# insert into int8_tbl values(1,2),(3,4) returning *;
 q1 | q2 
  1 |  2
  3 |  4
(2 rows)


The tag is actually being sent by the backend, it's just not displayed.

Do we like this behavior?  The number-of-tuples part of the tag is
certainly redundant with the table display, but perhaps it's good to
have a reminder that the rows you are looking at were just INSERTed,
UPDATEd, or DELETEd.  I haven't checked the code but I imagine it'd
not be very difficult to change the behavior if we wish.


                        regards, tom lane

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