Hannu Krosing <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Ühel kenal päeval, K, 2006-08-09 kell 10:57, kirjutas Tom Lane:
>> Insert points to the next byte to be written within the internal WAL
>> buffers.  The byte(s) preceding it haven't necessarily gotten out of
>> those buffers yet.  Write points to the end of what we've actually
>> written to the kernel,

> I assume that it also points to the byte after what is written to
> kernel, or is it tha last byte written ?

Right, it's really first-unwritten-byte for all three pointers.
The two newly added functions to convert WAL locations to filenames
use XLByteToPrevSeg(), so they should do the right thing here
(see comments in src/include/access/xlog_internal.h).

                        regards, tom lane

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