AgentM <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> You won't find anyone to vouch for it because this is the first  
> implementation of full disjunctions in any database. That doesn't  
> mean it isn't useful- it means no one is using it because it hasn't  
> existed until now.

> This is the point where one needs to decide whether PostgreSQL is a  
> copier of features from other databases or whether it can lead with a  
> few unique features of its own.

Somewhere along here we need to remember that "most new ideas are bad".

More seriously: the current state of affairs is that the
full-disjunction code exists as a pgfoundry project.  If it's indeed the
second greatest thing since sliced bread, then I think we could assume
that people will find it and use it from pgfoundry.  The question that's
on the table is whether it needs to be in contrib right now.  I have not
seen either a technical argument or popularity argument why it ought to
move into contrib.

                        regards, tom lane

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