Alvaro Herrera wrote:
> Hi,
> Is anybody working on Bernd's updatable views patch?  Right now I'm
> having a look at it -- mainly fixing some cosmetic issues right now,
> intending to eventually do an actual code review.
> I'll post an updated patch at some point -- if someone wants to have a
> look or do some intensive review, just ask and I'll send whatever I
> have.  

Great.  You have been a big help in the past in reviewing patches during
feature freeze.  Also Neil used to help too.

I have talked to Tom and he knows the outstanding patches that are out
there.  I am going through the less visible ones and hope to put up an
outstanding patch list in the next week, but if you are going to be
involved too, I will try to do it sooner.

  Bruce Momjian   [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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