On Wed, Aug 09, 2006 at 08:31:42AM -0400, Perez wrote:
> Every once in a while people talk about collecting better statistics, 
> correlating multi-column correlations etc.  But there never seems to be 
> a way to collect that data/statistics.  
> Would it be possible to determine the additional statistics the planner 
> needs, modify the statistics table to have them and document how to 
> insert data there?  We wouldn't have a good automated way to determine 
> the information but a properly educated DBA could tweak things until 
> they are satisfied.
> At worse if this new information is unpopulated then things would be as 
> they are now.  But if a human can insert the right information then some 
> control over the planner would be possible.
> Is this a viable idea?  Would this satisfy those that need to control 
> the planner immediately without code changes?

Sure, it's a Simple Matter of Code.

The real issue is figuring out what to do with these stats. I think all
the estimator fucntions could use improvement, but no one's taken that
on yet.
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