Tom Lane wrote:
> I wrote:
> > We could "fix" this by emitting the log message before calling
> > finish_xact_command, but I think that would result in seriously
> > underreporting the time required for a COMMIT.  Probably the right fix
> > is to copy the data we might need out of the Portal before committing.
> Patch applied.
> This reminds me that even though the V3-protocol code has been in there
> since 7.4, we don't have nearly complete test coverage on it.  It'd be a
> good idea to have some basic tests included somewhere in the standard or
> contrib regression tests.  Any thoughts about an easy way to do it?

Do we have anything on core which speaks the v3 protocol?  Since libpq
doesn't expose functions to do all the stuff the v3 protocol can do, it
would be difficult.  Maybe the Python project on pgFoundry (I don't
think it uses libpq, does it?), or maybe JDBC, can help here.

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