Tom Lane wrote:
> Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> domains.c contains the followng snippet in domain_in():
>>     else* if (my_extra->domain_type != domainType)
>>              domain_state_setup(my_extra, domainType, false,
>>                                                 fcinfo->flinfo->fn_mcxt);
>> We were just looking at this code (in the context of implementing enums)
>> and wondered when this case might arise.
>> Would it be when more than one domain is used in a table row? Or are we
>> smarter than that?
> I think it's just defensive programming.  The logic was copied from
> array_in which does something similar, but AFAIR there's not really
> any code path which would feed differing input types to the same
> function call within a single query execution.  Still, since it takes
> only an extra comparison or so to handle the scenario, why not?

Sure. We were hoping it was something like that.



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