"Michael Meskes" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> On Sat, Aug 12, 2006 at 12:11:21AM +0800, William ZHANG wrote:
>> I have found the cause.
>> ...
> Thanks a lot for your effort.

    You are welcome.

> In a few minutes I will commit a change that fixed this in my tests
> (don't worry about the timestamp of this email, I'm writing while
> sitting in a train).
> All it does is check for "\r\n" and escape it as one character, i.e.
> print "\\\r\n". Please test this is thoroughly as possible. I do not
> have a Windows machine to test on, but on my Linux box all
> regression tests run successfully no matter which encoding the *.pgc
> files have.

I have download the lastest CVS HEAD and make clean, make check.
Everything is OK. I have also tried it on func.pgc both in DOS and UNIX
format. Thank you!

But Mac OS use CR('\r') as the newline character, and if I convert func.pgc
to use CR. "make func.o" failed on MSYS/MinGW.  But I have no Mac OS
to test on it.

I think we should support the following:

1. DOS, source file in CRLF format
2. UNIX, source file in LF format
3. Mac OS, source file in CR format

If the OS and the file format does not match, we may expect errors.
Actually, we now support both CRLF and LF on Win32 and Linux.
(from your tests and mine.)

With regards,
William ZHANG 

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