Tom Lane wrote:
> Andreas Pflug <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> what issues might arise if the output is redirected to a legal tmp file?
> Well, (1) finding a place to put the temp file, ie a writable directory;
> (2) ensuring the file is removed afterwards; (3) not exposing the user
> to security hazards due to unsafe use of a temp file (ye olde
> overwrite-a-symlink risk).  Perhaps a few more I didn't think of.

AFAICS all DEVNULL usages result from redirecting postmaster's output,
which usually goes to $DATADIR/serverlog at runtime. If this would be
used here too, (1) is as safe as any $DATADIR, (2) is as safe as
cleaning up after failure usually is, (3) can't happen because the
directory is checked to be empty before initdb anyway. Additionally,
there's might be cases when a meaningful logfile from initdb is
desirable too. So why no redirection to initlog or so?


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