Alvaro Herrera wrote:
ITAGAKI Takahiro wrote:

In the case of a heavily update workload, the default naptime (60 seconds)
is too long to keep the number of dead tuples low. With my patch, the naptime
will be adjusted around 3 seconds at the case of pgbench (scale=10, 80 tps)
with default other autovacuum parameters.

What is this based on? That is, based on what information is it deciding to reduce the naptime?

Interesting.  To be frank I don't know what the sleep scale factor was
supposed to do.

I'm not sure that sleep scale factor is a good idea or not at this point, but what I was thinking back in the day when i originally wrote the contrib autovacuum is that I didn't want the system to get bogged down constantly vacuuming. So, if it just spent a long time working on one database, it would sleep for long time.

Given that we can now specify the vacuum cost delay settings for autovacuum and disable tables and everything else, I'm not sure we this anymore, at least not as it was originally designed. It sounds like Itagaki is doing things a little different with his patch, but I'm not sure I understand it.

 - I removed autovacuum_naptime guc variable, because it is adjusted
   automatically now. Is it appropriate?

I think we should provide the user with a way to stop the naptime from
changing at all.  Eventually we will have the promised "maintenance
windows" feature which will mean the user will not have to worry at all
about the naptime, but in the meantime I think we should keep it.

I'm not sure that's true. I believe we will want the naptime GUC option even after we have the maintenance window. I think we might ignore the naptime during the maintenance window, but even after we have the maintenance window, we will still vacuum during the day as required.

My vision of the maintenance window has always been very simple, that is, during the maintenance window the thresholds get reduced by some factor (probably a GUC variable) so during the day it might take 10000 updates on a table to cause a vacuum but during the naptime it might be 10% of that, 1000. Is this in-line with what others were thinking?

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