Arturo Pérez wrote:
> The DBA therefore pokes the
> right information into
> the planner's statistical tables (or, perhaps, a more human-
> manageable one that gets
> "compiled" into the planner's stats).

I think we're perfectly capable of producing a system that can collect 
the statistics.  We just don't want to collect every possible 
statistic, but just those that someone declared to be interesting 
beforehand.  There need not be any manual poking.  Just manual 

But we need to work this from the other end anyway.  We need to 
determine first, what sort of statistics the planner could make use of.  
Then we can figure out the difficulties in collecting them.

A certain other hacker would send us all to the university library now.  
Maybe we should listen.  I for one am going to do laundry now. :-)

Peter Eisentraut

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