I'm reworking Bernd's updatable views patch.  I haven't found any
showstoppers yet, which doesn't mean there aren't any.  On the other
hand, the functionality is severely limited, per spec, so really the
thing is not all that difficult.

I'm rewriting several parts of the patch, and have a question.  Can I
assume that there is only one rule on the CMD_SELECT event, for any
given view?  This seems awfully obvious to me (i.e. it doesn't make any
sense two have two), and I see no way to make things otherwise using SQL
commands.  Also it seems only rules can have CMD_SELECT rules anyway; is
that correct?

Something else -- on the rewrite code I see mentioned a lot of times the
acronym RIR (like in fireRIRrules); what does RIR stand for?  I can't
find it anywhere.


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