Magnus Hagander wrote:
>>>> Since I have a stuck backend without client again, I'll have to
>> kill
>>>> -SIGTERM a backend. Fortunately, I do have console access to
>> that
>>>> machine and it's not win32 but a decent OS.
>>> You do know that on Windows you can use pg_ctl to send a pseudo
>>> SIGTERM to a backend, don't you?
>> The main issue still is that console access id required, on any OS.
> Yeah.
> Though for the Windows case only, we could easily enough make it
> possible to run pg_ctl kill remotely, since we use a named pipe. Does
> this seem like a good or bad idea?

Not too helpful. How to kill a win32 backend from a linux workstation?
Additionally, NP requires an authenticated RPC connection. I you're not
allowed to access the console, you probably haven't got sufficient
access permissions to NP as well, or you'd need extra policy tweaking or
so. Nightmarish, just to avoid the easy and intuitive way.


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