> When I have a table that I don't know if it inherits from template 1,
> how can I find the 'super' ?
I do not believe that tables have templates in 7.4 unless you specifically
use a query like:

create table foo as select * from bar;

I think Walter wants to know if a given table was defined in the current database, or if it was created from the template database (template0 or template1) when the database was created.

I don't think you can tell.  When you create a new database from a template (typically template1), you're just making a copy of that template.  It's not really inheritance (meaning that a change to the table definition in the template won't affect any databases "cloned" from that template).

To find out where the table came from, you'd have to know which template your current database was cloned from and I don't think we store that info anywhere.

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