Alvaro Herrera wrote:
Andrew Dunstan wrote:
Joshua D. Drake wrote:
I think what you may really be after is "the stuff that should be loaded before inserting data" and "the stuff that should be loaded after", but
the above are poor names for these concepts.
But it certainly would be nice to be able to dump all that "stuff":-)
Yea, I've been told that this would not be a high demand feature. So do I have a second vote? ;-)
The ability to have a dump that automatically separated the before-data and after-data objects is definitely useful. The amount of times I have had to dump the schema and data separately just so I can modify the schema before restore, or disable some function that is causing problems can not even be counted.

We already have a highly selective and configurable restore mechanism, using the -L feature of pg_restore. Maybe there's a good special case for this particular split, but it is hardly undoable now.

As for Naz' needs - I gave him a perl script I whipped up in few minutes to do the split he wanted - and I'm sure you could do the same in python ;-)

Maybe what we need is a program to process the object list from
pg_restore -L.  Or a mode in pg_restore, "from this dump give me all
the sutff to be loaded before inserting data", and the reverse.

I mean, should the problem be attacked while dumping, or while

Well, the other issue is how many canned breakup schemes we are going to support. If this particular one is of sufficiently general usefulness then I have no objection. But when you can produce it trivially from the output of "pg_dump -s", the need to hardcode it hardly seems pressing.



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