> I believe the answer is no. No or few 64-bit optimization possibilities
> have been chased down, probably because some or many of these would:
>     1) require significant re-architecture
>     2) reduce the performance in a 32-bit world

Honestly, I think the main "optimizations" happen automatically: the
compiler uses the extra registers (if present) and pointers in LP64
mode are automatically 64-bit, which allows much larger memory areas.
That's probably 95% of the win right there.  What other
"optimizations" need doing?

People have been running PG with big databases on 64-bit iron for
years; don't you think any glaring infelicities would have been

> It's a question that only half interests me. As with most projects, I
> don't think the projects are ready to re-architect for this
> purpose.

What re-architecting would be needed?


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