Can you do that if you have functions tied to the table?  Also would that be
in a transaction?  I need to allow seamless usability to the data while I'm
doing this snapshot.  Not sure the -c option (Clean Drop schema) would work
here.  I want to only drop a table and not the entire db so that I'm not
moving data that doesn't need to be moved.

The goal is to only shapshot data in tables that has changed.  I would like
to wrap that in a transaction.  


Martijn van Oosterhout wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 21, 2006 at 06:40:22AM -0700, Paul Silveira wrote:
>> Yes the needs are simple.  I was also thinking about using DBI.  The most
>> important thing to me is that everything is kept in a transaction so that
>> users can still read the data while I'm snapshotting it at the same time. 
>> If my transaction is isolated from all the reads happening, then it
>> shouldn't matter how long it takes for me to move the data over (granted,
>> that will increase latency, but in this project that's not really too
>> sensitive) and it will be transparent to the end users.  
> Looks to me like the -c option to pg_dump should do what you want.
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