[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Peter Eisentraut) writes:
> Am Mittwoch, 16. August 2006 14:10 schrieb Robert Treat:
>> I'm not sure I follow this, since currently anyone can email the bugs list
>> or use the bugs -> email form from the website.  Are you looking to
>> increase the barrier for bug reporting?
> Only a small fraction of the new posts on pgsql-bugs are actually
> bugs.  Most are confused or misdirected users.  I don't want to
> raise that barrier.  But I want a higher barrier before something is
> recorded in the bug tracking system.

Seems to me that for there to be a *bit* of a barrier might not be a
bad thing...

If "purported bugs" had to be acknowledged before going into the bug
tracker system, that wouldn't seem a bad thing.

That would mean that the frequent "I don't understand what I'm doing
and didn't read the documentation" reports could be quickly triaged
away, which strikes me as an important prerequisite for further
automating things.
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