> Kenneth Marshall wrote:
> > RT is easy to setup/configure/use and works well with PostgreSQL as 
> > the backend.
> RT works with Postgres, but I wouldn't say well. All queries 
> in RT are generated by a query generator due to a naive 
> obsession with database independance. They've achieved 
> database independance at the cost of all the queries being 
> brain-dead. Fixing the query generator would be a pretty big job.

We use RT with PostgreSQL for all internal IT requests and
development/support/doc tasks on a couple products, and there's never
been a problem. Are the queries optimal? no. The alternative might have
been MySQL-only, and that would be worse. 

I can't really give a fair estimate on performance, because I'm running
it on a PIII at 800MHz with several other things as well. But it's fast
enough that I'm not screaming for a hardware upgrade.

Paul Bort

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