Robert Treat wrote:
> On Thursday 17 August 2006 11:55, Peter Eisentraut wrote:
> > Tom Lane wrote:
> > > Yeah, that experiment hasn't seemed to work all that well for me
> > > either.  Do you have another idea to try, or do you just want to
> > > revert to the old way?
> >
> > Since almost the first day I hacked on PostgreSQL I have been filtering
> > both lists into the same folder, so they pretty much appear to be one
> > and the same to me anyway. 
> I'm curious, do you combine any other lists like that?  I've played around 
> with that idea (for example, I used to combine webmaster emails, pgsql-www, 
> and -slaves emails but the slaves traffic was too high so I had to split it 
> back out).   As someone subscribed to a good dozen pg lists, I've always been 
> quite amazed how much email some of the folks here manage to process... I 
> suppose I could just chalk it up to a pine vs. gui thing, but I suspect there 
> are some other tricks people have to make emails more manageable (anyone 
> combine all pg mail to one folder?) 

Yes, all mine are in one folder, and I use elm ME.  It is faster than a
GUI email client.

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