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> [PATCHES] selecting large result sets in psql using cursors)
> I've always been 
> quite amazed how much email some of the folks here manage to 
> process... I 
> suppose I could just chalk it up to a pine vs. gui thing, but 
> I suspect there 
> are some other tricks people have to make emails more 
> manageable (anyone 
> combine all pg mail to one folder?) 

More or less - one for -www, webmaster and slaves stuff, and another for
-odbc, -hackers, -patches, -committers, -perform, -general and so on. I
do keep additional ones for FG and -core though. Everything is
auto-filtered at our Exchange server so it's organised as I like whether
I pick it up on PDA, webmail, PC or Mac.

Regards, Dave.

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