I'm working on pg_upgrade concept. I try to determine what is changed from 8.1 to 8.2. There is list of important areas for upgrade and suggested action.

1) BKI - catalog.
   There are a lot of changes. See attached file.
   a) There is new table pg_shdescription
       action: create
   b) There is new record in some tables.
       action: insert
       question: Should be any OID conflict during insertion?
   c) Some records are changed
       action: ???
   d) Some record are removed
       action: keep it
       question : Is it safe to keep for example record in the pg_proc?

2) GUC - postgresql.conf
   a) New variable.
       action: nothing
   b) Some changes (default, context)
       action: nothing
   c) backslash_quote is removed
       action: removed from postgresql.conf

  There is list of GUC changes:
        ssl (assign hook)
        array_nulls   (new)
escape_string_warning (default false->true, context PGC_INTERNAL->PGC_USERSET)
        allow_system_table_mods (new)
        ignore_system_indexes (new)
        post_auth_delay (new)
        join_collapse_limit (description)
        backslash_quote (removed)
        search_path (default $user,public -> \"$user\",public)

3) pg_hba.conf, pg_ident.conf
   no changes

4) Disk layout is same - version 3

5) Tuples
     question: Does have data types some disk representation?
               Does have tupleheader same structure?

6) Indexes
     question: Any changes on disk representation?
Should be possible remove all index before upgrade and recreate them on the new version instead upgrade index structure?

7) Change PG_VERSION files

    Question: Should be deleted?

9) ...

    Any other ideas?


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