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> On Wed, 2006-08-23 at 13:36 +0200, Markus Schiltknecht wrote:
>> Hannu Krosing wrote:
>> > But if you have very few writes, then there seems no reason to do sync
>> > anyway.
>> I think there is one: high-availability. A standby-server which can 
>> continue if your primary fails. Of course sync is only needed if you 
>> absolutely cannot effort loosing any committed transaction.
> I disagree about high-availability. In fact, I would say that sync
> replication is trading availability and performance for synchronization
> (which is a valid tradeoff, but costly). 
> If you have an async system, all nodes must go down for the system to go
> down.
> If you have a sync system, if any node goes down the system goes down.
> If you plan on doing failover, consider this: what if it's not obvious
> which system is still up? What if the network route between the two
> systems goes down (or just becomes too slow to replicate over), but
> clients can still connect to both servers? Then you have two systems
> that both think that the other system went down, and both start
> accepting transactions. Now you no longer have replication at all.

That is why for multimaster, there's a need for both automatic policy
as well as some human intervention.

- You need an automatic determination of "quorum", where, to be safe,
  it is only permissible for a set of $m$ servers to believe themselves
  to be active if they number more than 1/2 of the total of expected

  Thus, if there are 13 servers in the cluster, then "quorum" is 7

  If a set of 6 servers get cut off from the rest of the network, they
  don't number at least 7, and thus know that they can't represent a

- And if conditions change, a human may need to change the quorum

  If 4 new nodes get added, quorum moves up to 9.

  If 5 nodes get dropped, quorum moves down to 5.

Deciding when to throw a node out of the quorum because it is
responding too slowly is still not completely trivial, but having a
quorum policy does address your issue.
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