Alvaro Herrera <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> That was what the patch originally used, but it was changed because it
> made difficult for psql to auto-complete that.

Psql has to be able to parse it not for auto-completion but because it needs
to know that it's not a transactional command. The regular CREATE INDEX can be
run from within a transaction but online index builds use two transactions on
their own so psql has to know not to insert a BEGIN and savepoint around it.

I'll use this opportunity to plug that feature again. I think most people
should use autocommit off with on_error_rollack on for most of their daily
use. Being able to double check the results of my ad-hoc updates before
committing them saved me more headaches than I can count with Oracle.
Autocommit off only became practical for interactive use with postgres when
savepoints showed up.

  Gregory Stark

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