Tom Lane wrote:
> Martijn van Oosterhout <> writes:
> > And as a counter-example: pg_dump should absolutly not use the client
> > locale, it should always dump as the same encoding as the server...
> Sure, but pg_dump should set that explicitly.  I'm prepared to believe
> that looking at the locale is sane for all normal clients.

What are "normal clients"?  I would think that programs in PHP or Perl
have their own idea of the correct encoding (JDBC already has one).

> It might be worth providing a way to set the client_encoding through a
> PQconnectdb connection-string keyword, just in case the override-via-
> PGCLIENTENCODING dodge doesn't suit someone.  The priority order
> would presumably be connection string, then PGCLIENTENCODING, then
> locale.

This sounds like a good idea anyway...

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