On 8/26/06, Peter Eisentraut <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Bruce Momjian wrote:
> Validation
> ----------
> /contrib/xml2 has a function called xml_valid() that can be used in
> a CHECK constraint to enforce that a field contains valid XML.  It
> does not support validation against a specific XML schema.

Then this is not validation but only checking for well-formedness.  The
xml2 README says so, in fact.

Exactly. contrib/xml2 mixes the term here, xml_valid() should be
another function, that takes two types of data - XML value and
corresponding XML schema - and validate the XML data. Actually, the
latest version of SQL/XML standard includes such a function

If you decide to include the mentioning about contrib/xml2 to docs, I
would suggest the patch for this module. The patch renames that
function to xml_check() and adds xml_array() (issue from the current
TODO). Or it's too late for 8.2?

Also, I would add a little introduction to XML terms (from XML
standards) to this documentation section.

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