David Fetter wrote:
> We claim SQL standard compliance,

No, we don't.  And SQL conformance doesn't require you to implement all 
parts anyway.

> so since those are part of 
> SQL:2003, we probably ought to mention them.  SQL/PSM is a
> programming language that lives inside the database, and DB2 and
> MySQL have it.  SQL/MED lets people talk to other data stores. 
> SQL/OLB appears to be derived from equel, which we have as ecpg. 
> SQL/Schemata contains the information schema.  SQL/JRT appears to
> bear some similarity to PL/Java and PL/J.

It's pretty useless to talk about stuff that we don't have yet.  The 
point of the XML section is that we have a number of things, and users 
are having trouble (understandably) fitting them together.

Peter Eisentraut

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