Andrew Dunstan wrote:
> Alvaro Herrera wrote:

> >This is trivial to do --- just add a /etc/<some_dir>/postgresql file
> >that contains a line like
> >
> >
> >to turn the auto-initdb'ing feature of the init script off.  If the file
> >is not present or AUTO_INITDB is not defined to zero in that file, then
> >the code behaves as today.  I don't recall what the configuration
> >directory is called in Redhat systems, but there is one in there (in
> >Debian it's /etc/default).  
> I don't see anything like this in my FC5 box's init script.

Obviously I was thinking in something else when I wrote that, because
what I wanted to say but failed, was that I suggested that the RPM
hackers could *add* such a thing to the initscript -- not that it
already existed :-)

Hum, I must be still thinking in something else because I'm failing to
write the above paragraph in a coherent manner (rewrote it twice
already).  I hope you understand it anyway :-)

> Oh, and the place you put stuff like that on RH/FC systems is /etc/sysconfig

Yeah, that one :-)

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