AgentM wrote:
Sorry, but I don't get it. Why offer a closed forum for an open project?

Because jabber is a live medium, unlike email. I don't want people pinging me, out of the blue. It is the whole reason I don't use any of the public networks. The point is for the people who are actually part of the project infrastructure to be able to communicate.

In the end it will likely be opened up more, but for now we are taking baby steps.


Joshua D. Drake


On Aug 27, 2006, at 24:48 , Joshua D. Drake wrote:


The community jabber server is now up. We are using the Wildfire server from Jive Software, backed to a PostgreSQL database (of course).

-- The idea behind this server is to allow active project members to communicate without having to use public channels.

If you are a project member (Gforge admin, Web team member, commiter etc...) please let me know if you would like an account.

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