Am Dienstag, 29. August 2006 11:14 schrieb Andreas Pflug:
> already pointed out, all win32 installations have it on by default, to
> take them to the safe side. Disabling it for modules a "retail" user
> will never launch appears overreacting.

Well, the really big problem is that autovacuum may be connected to a database 
when you want to drop it.  (There may be related problems like vacuuming a 
template database at the wrong time.  I'm not sure how that is handled.)  I 
think this is not only a problem that is specific to the regression testing 
but a potential problem in deployment.  I have opined earlier how I think 
that should behave properly, but we're not going to change that in 8.2.

The other problems that were mentioned are pretty easy to work around by 
setting stats_row_level to off on the fly, but that doesn't stop autovacuum 
from connecting.

The good thing is that we have collected plenty of interesting data in the 
last 24 hours which will make for plenty of development work next time 
around. :)

Peter Eisentraut

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