comparing the same vectors, but stripped. Oddly, the unstripped comparisons all
pass, which is not consistant with what I am seeing in my database. However,
I'm yet unable to reproduce those problems.

Fixed: strncmp was called with wrong length parameter.

It looks to me like tsvector comparison may be too strong.  The strip()
function evidently thinks that it's OK to rearrange the string chunks
into the same order as the WordEntry items, which suggests to me that
the "pos" fields are not really semantically significant. But silly_cmp_tsvector() considers that a difference in pos values is
important.  I don't understand the data structure well enough to know
which one to believe, but something's not consistent here.

You are right: Pos really means position of lexeme itself in a tail of tsvector structure. So, it's removed from comparison.

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