On Tue, Aug 29, 2006 at 07:19:09AM -0700, Chahine Hamila wrote:
> Yes, I forgot to include hackers on that mail. Anyway,
> relax Jim, I'm not trying to invade anyone's turf
> here. There seems to be support for the idea of
> providing an interface plug for replication modules,
> which is fine with me. If you have any constructive
> criticism towards that, I'd be most happy to consider
> it and try to find an accomodation.

Well, the big challenge there is that each replication system uses a
different methodology, so you're unlikely to come up with anything that
would be common between any two systems.

I think the best bet is to look for things that can be added that are
either difficult or impossible to do outside the backend, or that have
use beyond just replication.
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