> >>> I'd wish that we reconsider when and how prepared statements are 
> >>> used.  The JDBC interface and PL/pgSQL are frequently noticed 
> >>> perpetrators, but the problem is really all over the place.
> >> AFAIK those are the only two places where preparation is 
> the default 
> >> ... what else were you thinking of?
> > 
> > Perl DBI (DBD::Pg) defaults to prepared plans when connecting to a 
> > version 8.0 or higher server.
> > 
> > Or at least, that's the way I read the documentation.

Yea, but if you close the statement or leave the scope of the statement
variable the plan is gone. So it is doing exactly what I would expect.

It is written $stmt->prepare('select 1') what else would you expect ? 
There are enough other functions to get a result without a plan sticking
around, like $db->selectrow_array ....


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