Joshua D. Drake wrote:
>>> we will know whether this is a great thing we should continue, or we
>>> should stick to our traditional laissez-faire style of project
>>> management.  I figure that even if it really sucks, it wouldn't kill us
>>> to try it for one release cycle --- at the very worst, we'd make up lost
>>> time in future by no longer needing to waste bandwidth arguing about it.
>> Would this be a core postgresql code roadmap or something a bit
>> broader (contrib, custom types, GUI-ish stuff, utilities and what
>> have you)?
> I think that we could at this time only expect things that would be
> submitted for core inclusion. The less cats to herd the better :)

yeah I would agree that it makes sense to do that for core postgresql
code only for now - most of the others stuff is not even directly tied
to the 8.3 development cycle either(GUIs will have to support more than
a single release probably as would maybe special custom types or such).


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