Robert Treat wrote:
> On Saturday 02 September 2006 11:42, Tom Lane wrote:
> > BTW, another "output" thing you might consider is "having draft release
> > notes ready-to-go on demand".  Currently, Bruce prepares the release
> > notes on the basis of a very tedious scan of the CVS commit logs.
> > If this sort of stuff were being dropped into a tracker as it went
> > into the CVS tree, at least the research part of making the notes would
> > be zero-effort (or perhaps better to say that the work would be spread
> > out instead of concentrated).
> FWIW I have never understood why we don't require patch submitters/committers 
> to update the release notes when they do the patch.  I know Bruce says that 
> it's not a problem for him to do it, but it sure would help out some of the 
> other folks. 

I can't even get documentation for many patches.  I am hesitant to add
even more burden.  I would prefer they concentrate on documentation.

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