On Sat, 2 Sep 2006, Bruce Momjian wrote:

Teodor Sigaev wrote:
What does that option do? Is it practical to enable it for the entire
 From docs:
Disables inline expansion of standard library or intrinsic functions.

And isn't this a straightforward compiler bug they should be notified
What's a choice? Now I see 3:
1) -O1
2) "volatile"
3) -nolib_inline

IMHO, only -O1 is guarantee for other possible places... But I'm not familiar
enough with such kinds of bugs.

My guess is that the compiler writers saw you calling a libc function,
and assumed that library could not modify the file static variable,
forgetting that the libc function can call back into the original file.

Can you detect the Itanium compiler and optimization levels via
preprocessor symbols, and test for that, and throw an #error?

No, it's impossible.
Unfortunately the __OPTIMIZE__ preproc. symbol of icc doesn't allow to distinguish between different optimization levels. (only between -O0 and anything else).


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