Ühel kenal päeval, E, 2006-09-04 kell 16:51, kirjutas Joshua D. Drake:
> > I don't have a concrete proposal to make, but I do think that the
> > current patch-queue process is not suited to the project as it stands
> > today.  Maybe if this issue-tracking stuff gets off the ground, we
> > could let developers place ACK or NAK flags on patches they've looked
> > at, and have some rule about ACK-vs-NAK requirements for something to go
> > in.
> How about *requiring* test cases that prove the patch?

Test cases are good for checking if some latter patch does not break the
functionality provided by current patch. 

They are almost useless for proving that current patch is correct.

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> Joshua D. Drake
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> >                     regards, tom lane
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