> > will try to get a backtrace soon - if you are trying to do your own 
> > testing keep in mind that both boxes of mine do run with special 
> > malloc-settings (as in FGJZ) as discussed in:
> > 
> > http://archives.postgresql.org/pgsql-hackers/2005-06/msg00817.php
> > 
> > while I'm not sure yet that those are causing the errors to show up it 
> > seems quite likely since they tend to catch hidden memory allocation errors.
> Hi,
> I've just upgraded guppy, the only other OpenBSD machine that builds
> head to the latest buildfarm version.
> I don't have any special malloc settings. When guppy finishes, we will
> see what happens.


after a spurious run due to a config mistake after upgrading (sorry),
guppy just now completed a new run and also failed on "make ecpg check":


Michael, if you want shell access to guppy, just contact me privately.
Warning: guppy too, is somewhat dated (1:10 hours for the make step) :/

Bye, Chris.


Chris Mair

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