> Do you really want to copy the code verbatim? I mean, there's a lot of
> stuff which would need quite a bit of massaging to get working in
> postgres. I'd say just look at it, understand it, and then write
> something that will work. The copyright won't matter then.

This is a better idea i must say. I will take a closer look at the code
then see which parts I can reuse. 

> BTW, I seem to remember something about the stuff in the RFC not being
> good for some reason, not unique enough or too predictable. Do you know
> anything about that?

It was a privacy issue regarding GUID generation introduced by MS. The
version 1 (V1) of the algorithm was created based on the MAC which was
somehow back-traceable to the computer it was generated on I guess.
Version 4 was based on a better algorithm.

> Have a nice day,

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