On 6-Sep-06, at 6:17 PM, Tom Lane wrote:

Dave Cramer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
On 6-Sep-06, at 6:01 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
* It doesn't log the values of parameters sent in binary mode, which
is something that at least JDBC needs.

AFAIK,  we don't need binary mode right away, currently we only send
bytea parameters in binary mode

I thought somebody had mentioned that integers were also sent in binary in the latest driver code? Can't find the archive entry right now though.

                        regards, tom lane

Checking the source code

boolean isBinary(int index) {
// Currently, only StreamWrapper uses the binary parameter form.
        return (paramValues[index -1] instanceof StreamWrapper);

So for now if we concentrate on text parameters, binary parameters would be superfluous for the moment.


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