Gavin Sherry <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> It might seem a minor quibble, but it seems like a more reliable approach
> might be to cast to a 64 bit type and user a 64 bit int formatter.

int64 is a real pain to use in error messages because of the
machine-dependence of the format string --- the translation machinery
doesn't work reliably if you try to do

        ereport(...errmsg("trouble at offset " UINT64_FORMAT, bigintvar));

because any given translator will see only one of the several possible
source strings.  You can get around this if you have to (print the
bigint into a char[n] local array and then use %s in the message),
but it's not worth it when dealing with values that can't plausibly
overflow an int.  I think Teodor fixed it the right way.

                        regards, tom lane

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