> >> In the CVS version there is a table with this information:
> >> http://developer.postgresql.org/pgdocs/postgres/view-pg-
> timezonenames
> >> .html
> >
> > Actually, what that view gives you is timezone offset
> abbreviations,
> > not the full zone names that you could use with SET TIME ZONE.
> It
> > strikes me that we should have a view for that as well.  We could
> use
> > code similar to scan_available_timezones() to generate the view
> output.
> Any view over the full timezone names should also include the
> corresponding data from zone.tab in the timezone library source.

Just noticed this mail, so that's not included in my patch. But couldn't
we just load that file up in a separate table if needed, and then join
with it when necessary? 


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