Jeremy Drake <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> I noticed when I was working on a patch quite a while back that there are
> no regression tests for large object support.

Yeah, this is bad :-(

> I am considering, and I think that in order to get a real test of the
> large objects, I would need to load data into a large object which would
> be sufficient to be loaded into more than one block (large object blocks
> were 1 or 2K IIRC) so that the block boundary case could be tested.  Is
> there any precedent on where to grab such a large chunk of data from?

There's always plain old junk data, eg, repeat('xyzzy', 100000).
I doubt that Moby Dick would expose any unexpected bugs ...

> ... I find that it is necessary to stash certain values across
> statements (large object ids, large object 'handles'), and so far I am
> using a temporary table to store these.  Is this reasonable, or is there a
> cleaner way to do that?

I think it's supposed to be possible to use psql variables for that;
if you can manage to test psql variables as well as large objects,
that'd be a double bonus.

                        regards, tom lane

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