I also added other functionality to the module but I forgot to update the README... contrary to what it says in the README.isn, you do can cast from ean13 to other types, as long as the cast is valid (i.e. you can't cast a EAN13 of a UPC or a ISMN code to a ISBN number, for instance.)

So, the text starting at line 184 in the README.isn should say something like this instead:

-- note that you can only cast from ean13 to other type when the casted
-- number would be valid in the realm of the casted type;
-- thus, the following will NOT work: select isbn(ean13('0220356483481'));
-- but these will:
        select upc(ean13('0220356483481'));
        select ean13(upc('220356483481'));

(this is not in my patch, I just realized about this)

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