MAR - Secretariado Geral wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> First of all i'de like to apolagize cause my poor english. After this, i
> shuould say that i beleavee a year ago i brought this problem to the
> community but i donn't remember some answering about it. The problem is:
> Every time a users misses a external refrenced key the PGSql raises an
> exception.
> Well as far as i realise if we had 5 or 10 Foreign keys
> during an Insert/Update transaction only exception should be raised
> reporting all erros/messages after last external refrenced field missed
> at one time,not one by one.
> Well, in order to implement this idea we will need to desable the
> built-in refencial integrety and build it all by your self- all the
> validation (look-ups etc..) before insert/update If tg_op='insert' or
> tg_op='update'  then as people do with non relational Databases - all
> hand-made. Well, this is very hard to beleave!!! I must be missing
> something.
> Please i'must be wrong can some one explain me what i'm missing?

I'm not sure what you are complining about exactly but maybe you want to
That way the constraint checking happens at the end of the transaction
and not immediately


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