Andrew Dunstan wrote:
> Lately there have been some buildfarm registrations for "Debian
> testing/unstable" or similarly described machines. I have kicked back
> against these, as the description seems to me to be far too open
> ended.

Then again, it would be useful to actually test on Debian 
testing/unstable (or pre-release branches of other OS), because that 
would (a) expose problems with new toolchains and such earlier than in 
released versions, and (b) provide advance testing for when testing 
becomes the release.  Consider, the number of users that will run 8.2 
on Debian stable is probably going to be less than the number of users 
who will run 8.2 on what today is testing.

I agree that the lack of a fixed version designation is unsatisfactory.  
I'm not sure whether that is actually necessary, though.  If PostgreSQL 
doesn't work on some machine, then that's a problem anyway.

Peter Eisentraut

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